Welcome to Get Kara'd Away! 

Get Kara'd away offers anything from Engagements & Weddings + Real Estate + Seniors (Kara)
Bumps & Babies + Milestones + Boudoir (Stephanie)
We also photograph families & events. 


Get Kara'd Away was established in 2011. Kara and Stephanie became business partners in 2015; we are the perfect mix of yin & yang. Our styles & strengths compliment one another and have led us to become the successful business we are today! From our snacking, our childhoods, and our families now, Kara and Stephanie are totally a 2 for one kind of package!

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Address1221 East Pierce St. Suite 300
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
United States
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Contact Stephanie @ 712-355-8297 or [email protected]
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